Behind The Thirst

Behind The Thirst

For our Thirst campaign shoot, we couldn’t go past Smoked Garage Brisbane as our location. It had all our must-haves; rustic backdrops, old-fashioned details and ornate accessories. If vampires were real, this is definitely where they’d hang out.

As you can see, the collection was right at home there too.

Once we arrived on set, it was time to start hair and makeup straight away. It can take a couple of hours (at least) to achieve the looks you see in our campaigns, so that normally means we have a pretty early start in the mornings!

Meet our Hair Stylist, Shannon JJ Williams (@shannonjjwilliams) working with one of our models, Aria. He created this cute little do that you’ll see in the campaign photos.

Meanwhile, Shannon used pin curls to achieve Mary’s epic waves on the day. Did someone say “volume”? We hope our hair looks this good when we’re 1000 years old.

We also had the amazing Phoebe Barrett (@phoebefever) on deck for makeup (and fangs).

You would have seen here work in A LOT of our past shoots, like Neon Demons.

Yes, the teeth you see in the photos were real! Well, okay, they were fake teeth, but they were really there #NotPhotoshop.

Eden getting a little excited about the makeup table.

Luckily, we didn’t need to take along many props for this shoot since our venue was so perfectly on theme. We did gather a few accessories from people around the office though to make our dining table scene complete. Oh, and fake blood, of course.

Phoebe and Shannon stuck around for touch ups as the shoot went on. Hair and Makeup usually needs to be adjusted and positioned perfectly for every shot, so having them to help with this is a must!

Our photographer, Phi, got into some interesting positions to catch these shots. Definitely worth it!

As usual, this shoot was so much fun to put together. We hope you guys love it just as much as we do!

Now you can see how it all came together in the Thirst lookbook.