Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Missfits Campaign

Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Missfits Campaign

Punk rock and pandemics: who would have thought those two things would have to go together? Well, that was basically the story behind our shoot for The Missfits campaign…

Of all of our recent photo shoots, this was one the photo shoot team was particularly jazzed for. For one, this collection is just EPIC. With so many killer prints on so many separate pieces, our Stylist and Content Producer Eden was in total styling heaven.


But another major reason was that we were finally shooting on location again! When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, venues we were planning to use for upcoming campaign shoots pretty much all closed for quarantine and our bookings were cancelled, which meant we had to find ways to shoot everything in our BMHQ studio instead. We made it work, but for this collection, we reallllllly wanted a location that would adequately capture those punk rock vibes.

Luckily, a legendary local bar / live music venue, Crowbar, came to our rescue. They were also closed for the quarantine, but were more than happy to open their doors to us for the day. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect location.

Not only that, they provided a rockin’ soundtrack to get us all feeling those punk rock vibes.

Venue locked down (pun unintended), producer Eden put together the rest of the shoot team, including art director Palmina, photographer Phi, shoot assistant Claire, hair and makeup artist extraordinaire Alana (@alanamevissen) and our totally punk rock models, Sir (@sir_meow) and Amy (@amyjanedowdle). Amy is actually a bona fide musician in a band called Lastlings (@lastlings), so she was completely comfortable bringing the authentic rock spirit to the pics.

The pandemic threw another rather interesting challenge our way. Because of social distancing requirements, our makeup artist Alana wasn’t able to work on our models herself – instead, she had to give them a detailed tutorial to follow and apply the makeup themselves.

They did an awesome job!

With hair and makeup sorted, it was time to get dem shots!

While working with his usual DSLR rig, Phi was also taking old-school film shots on a disposable camera. You can see the cool, raw effect that gave the pics in this post. And while we did use his digital shots in our campaign, they were edited to have a similar, grungy effect.

One of Phi’s proudest moments was getting the ultimate rock-out hair shot with Sir.  

Look at those locks fly!

Nailed. It.

Despite the challenges (and strangeness!) of shooting a massive campaign in the midst of a global pandemic, this really was one of the most stress-free shoots we’ve had, thanks to a fantastic team, an epic venue, and just the right amount of punk attitude.

Until next time – rock out!

Love, Team BMC xx