All About Overalls!

All About Overalls!

If you own printed overalls, we don’t need to tell you how amazing they are! If you don’t own a pair yet, well, let’s just say their comfort has been likened to soft cosy pyjamas, and their style is really second to none. 

Fashionable overalls with the epic comfort of pajamas that you can wear on the regular? Sounds pretty good to us! So, let’s check out this style in some more detail…

The low-down: 

– Our printed overalls are made from a soft and cosy fabric that has a light fleece feel on the inside.
– The waistband does not have elastic!
– This style is designed to be a comfy relaxed fit – so they won’t be as tight through the legs as your leggings.
– There is a cuff at the bottom that you can leave down or cuff up depending on your preference and style!
– Adjustable straps so you can control where they sit!
– And let’s not forget about pockets – ‘cos we know gals need pockets too!
– Sometimes we like to hide cute little surprises on the under side of the bib!
– Wear them with the straps on, or let the straps and bib down for a chilled out, casual look!

Sizin’ and stylin’

The most important measurements to consider with our overalls will be the waist and hips. Bust size can also play a part, but as this style has adjustable straps it won’t be quite as important. 

We asked some of our fabulous team members to show you some different sizes and stylin’ for our overalls. Each gal was given a pair of overalls to wear for the day and were able to style them any way they liked!  

From left to right the girls are rockin’ the following sizes –  XXS, XL, XS, L, M, S

L to R: CS wizard Loren, graphic artist Dana, CS wizard Prill, print room technician Rachel, fabric cutter Sienna and quality controller Reena!

Loren – Senior Customer Experience Specialist

Wearing – XXS

Why do you love BlackMilk overalls?

I love our overalls because they’re super comfy and can be styled in so many different ways :)

Tell me about how you styled them…

I love wearing my overalls with a cute little crop top with the bib down, as I like to have the straps hanging down. I paired this up with a blazer and some little Mary Jane heels for more of an office-friendly look :)

Because I’m on the short side I always like to cuff my overalls, and I cuff them by pushing the fabric to the inside of the pants so you can’t really notice ^_^

Favourite overalls print?

Dark Jasmine Overalls

Anything else you want to say about overalls?

Everyone should have at least one pair of overalls in their collection, they’re the best <3

Rachel – Print Room Technician

Wearing – L

Why do you love BlackMilk overalls?

Comfortable and an amazing focus piece. BlackMilk overalls have it all when it comes to style, colour and imagery. They’re stretchy, warm and perfect for winter, a classic piece for any girl’s wardrobe.

Tell me about how you styled them…

With the Take My Monet Overalls, as it is a beautiful classical artwork I wanted to keep my colour palette warm and dark so that the flowers could stand out. So a burgundy, corduroy shirt with bat sleeves and gold accessories kept the warm tones while being simplistic. I may have also wanted to look like a cross between a librarian who loves gardening and the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.

I cuff when I want to show off my cool socks! Otherwise I leave them down to keep my ankles warm. I cross my straps for extra support unless I want to have the bib half down then I leave them parallel. My favourite item to wear beneath the overalls is either a plain shirt or something with a collar which dresses them up. It is so easy to make the overalls a comfortable and carefree piece or dress them up with fancier shirts and jewelry so that you’re ready to go out on the town.

Favourite overalls print?

My ultimate favourite overall print is the Take Me to Your Dealer Overalls. Space and aliens? The best! However a good stock staple is the Paper Universe Overalls! Space is a favourite topic of mine. From galaxies to planets, BlackMilk has my out of this world wardrobe covered.

Anything else you want to say about overalls?

I love the pockets! Deep and able to fit my phone and wallet at the same time is amazing. I also love how they’re so easy to put on and wear. You can style however you wish but if you’re needing something to be the talking piece, overalls are the way to go! I always get complimented on them as you can’t find anything like them anywhere else. BlackMilk makes unique, interesting patterns and art to fit on these toastie overalls! I own at least…10+ pairs and I am not slowing down! :D

Priscilla – Customer Experience Specialist

Wearing –  XS

Why do you love BlackMilk overalls?

Overalls are my jam, plus, I love all things with snack holes.

Tell me about how you styled them…

I like to cuff my overalls and pair them with bandeaus and crops underneath. I hide the straps on the inside, or leave one side hanging off, and then layer with a denim jacket or long cardigan and comfy shoes. Simple styling pieces for a statement piece.

Favourite overalls print?

It’s hard to pick a favourite… Burgers In Space, Interdimensional Adventures, Lion King and Coco Overalls are definitely up there!

Anything else you want to say about overalls?

Overall, they’re pretty awesome.

Dana – Graphic Textile Designer

Wearing – XL

Why do you love BlackMilk overalls?

They’re just so comfy! Great for winter, super stylish and fun to wear.

Tell me about how you styled them…

I wear mine with funky shirts and the straps crossed at the back. I like to keep it simple but comfortable.

Favourite overalls print?

My favourite print is the Pugs on a Swan overalls, it’s so cute and there’s a secret little farting pug. Makes me giggle every time!

Anything else you want to say about overalls?

They look great on everyone, it’s like wearing PJs to work and I love that.

Rethreading the straps! 

If you’re not loving the straps on the outside look, we’ve totally got you. Here is a step by step guide on how to hide ‘em away, or check it out in the video above!

Step 1. Unthread the straps

Step 2. Flick the buckle upwards

Step 3. Thread the strap like so

Step 4. Flip your overalls over and thread end of the strap into the following buckle section

Step 5. Adjust the strap into place – it will look like this on the inside!

Step 6. Enjoy your adorable overalls, sans straps on the outside!

We’re here to help!

If you’re still a little unsure about sizing, don’t stress – our fabulous CS wizards are here to help! Not only are they magical, they’re Sharkies just like you, so they know how the garments physically fit. If you’re able to send through your measurements (hip, waist and bust) to and let us know which style you’re interested in – we’ll be able to give you some tailored sizing advice and let you know how you can expect different pieces to fit. We want to help find the perfect size for you that suits your style and preferences!

Sharkie style!

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