A trip to the Museum of past collections

A Trip to the Museum of Past Collections

It’s Monumental Museum time again, and that has us feeling a little nostalgic. We chatted to some die-hard Sharkies and BMHQ team members to reminisce about the collections, photo shoots and pieces that blew our minds, won our hearts and had us hitting ‘add to cart’ faster than jL downs his first morning coffee.

Pulp Horror (2014)

There have been so many epic collections over the years, but if I really think about it, I’d have to say Pulp Horror from 2014 is my favorite. That was a really unique collection not only because it captured so many different facets of the Halloween spirit (my very favorite holiday), but also because it was my first introduction to the BM community and meeting sharkies IRL for the collection preview at BMLA. I’ll never forget how kind, fun loving, and GEEKY everyone was (and still is)! I’m heartened to say that I made a few friends while exploring that collection.

As inspired and gore-glorious as the printed pieces were, my favorite pieces were on the designer side. The real stand out for me was the Fatale Dress. I remember feeling rather terrified to try it on (so tight! so shiny! so…figure conscious!), and up until that moment I had only ever thought of myself in dresses that were “cute” or “fun” or even “dramatic” – but never sexy. That dress was a turning point for me, another reminder that none of us are just one thing or doomed to be perceived in just one way.

– Van (@supernovangirl)

Van in The Fatale Dress
Pulp Horror, 2014
Kristy in Sugar Skull Cap Sleeve Swimsuit

Stardust Saloon (2020)

I am always a sucker for a Disney range, so I would have to say all of those are my favourite collections. But Stardust Saloon has to also be one of my faves. Eden (our Stylist and Content Producer) was totally in her creative element – how much fun is it!! Cowgirls and pastels: just give me all the things. The Daisy Chain Tie The Knot Dress from that collection is so cute and fun!

Fun Fact: Sometimes when new samples get rejected by jL, but we totally love them, we take them and wear them to work a week later, styled awesomely to change his mind. Most of the time he would ask if we had released it yet because it was a cool piece, haha. Little did he know…. 

This was one of many!

– Kristy (Marketing)

Stardust Saloon, 2020

Witch Please (2014)

Witch. Please. Changed. My. LIFE. I didn’t even know I had an aesthetic until then! Turns out I did, and the witchy 90s babe with attitude was IT.

The look book BLEW MY MIND: three iconic models serving us the fiercest Craft / Clueless baddie attitude, and the collection itself was incredible. I’ve still got the Tartan Yellow Skater and Nana Top set, and still wear it on the reg.

Sam (@fivebyfive__)

Sam in Tartan Yellow Nana Suit Top and Tartan Yellow Pocket Skater Skirt
Witch Please, 2014

Order Of The Secret Skulls (2018)

I am very biased when it comes to our Halloween / goth releases – they will always be my favourites! My favourite collection I think would be a tie between Order of the Secret Skulls and The Fallen. I personally bought (and love!) the Illuminati Long Sleeve BFT and the Chiromancy Tee Dress from those but the collections as a whole had fantastic prints and new styles!

My favourite campaign would be Immortal Beauty. The photo shoot was incredibly beautiful and very well photographed. I loved the A Murder Tee Dress. The graphics team did an amazing job on that print.

Fun Fact: One of the most memorable times in Warehouse was back at the very first Disney release. IT WENT OFF. We got over 10,000 orders in the first week and we all had to band together to get as many orders out the door as we could. That week was when I set the picking record – I picked 626 orders in one day by myself!

– Sarah (Warehouse)

Order Of The Secret Skulls, 2018

All Killer No Filler (2013)

I’m not usually a dark style kinda girl, normally I’m all about the colours and fun prints, but the All Killer No Filler Halloween release had so many epic styles in it, I just remember being totally overwhelmed by all my wants! I still have The Shredder Dress from this collection and I still love it.

I even loved that collection so much, I begged my boss to let me start a bit late that day so I could be home to nom at release time! (I’ve done a lot of odd things for BM releases, like standing in knee deep mud at stupid o’clock in the morning, in the middle of a paddock, phone held up in the air, trying to gain reception to nom the Galaxy Black Cape.)

BM changed my life in so many ways, from my self confidence to my friendships, you name it, BM has probably touched or been a part of that part of my life and it’s amazing. And it all started with a pair of purple galaxy leggings!

– Immy (@immy_to_be)

Immy in The Shredder Dress
All Killer No Filler, 2013

Battle Of The Kings (2014)

Finders Keepers was easily my favourite collection. Such a vibe! The Star Girl Velvet Spliced Volume Pants would have been perfect for ISO right now.

The best campaign was Battle of the Kings: perfect backdrop (the photos were just breathtaking!), the styling, the horses (ahhhhhh)! The Arabella and Amelia range from that were amazing, and I loved the Woah Dude Bomber as well. 

Fun Fact: It might sound strange, but black and white prints are by far the most difficult for us to print. The What A Sausage Tank Dress, Wifey Top and Pocket Midi Skirt were a nightmare to produce correctly!

– Nadene (Product Development)

Battle Of The Kings, 2014

Game Of Thrones (2014)

I’ll never forget the excitement leading up to the first Game of Thrones collection, which was by far my favorite collection and photo shoot to date, everything was just sooo gorgeous. Season 4 had only just come out, and I was deeply invested in the volatile world of Westeros; Sandor Clegane was my love interest, I despised King Joffrey, and Arya Stark was my hero. I literally wanted to buy the entire collection, but also had to pay my rent (lol) so I only bought five pieces: Westeros Dress, Stark BFT, Littlefinger Leggings, Drogon Vegas Suit, and my absolute fave, the Thrones Reversible Skater Dress. I couldn’t sit on the Iron Throne, but hey, I could wear it, and I thought that was even better at the time. I mean, who wants to sit on a freezing-ass giant chair made of metal swords anyways?

– Lana (@lone_shark)

Lana in Thrones Reversible Skater Dress
Game Of Thrones, 2014
Paige in Magic Death Unicorn Velvet Swan Kimono

Immortal Beauty (2018)

I’m such a huge fan of aesthetics that balance beauty and darkness, so my favourite collection is Immortal Beauty. I like the contrast of edgy and feminine and this collection just nailed it all. Plus I had the opportunity to snap some pics of this collection with a brilliant local photographer, Jeremy Phillips, and the images are effortlessly some of my most iconic. The Magic Death Unicorn Velvet Swan Kimono is simply epic, I find myself wearing it in all black and I feel like the earth moves under my feet when I do.

 – Paige (@paigesavill94)

Immortal Beauty, 2018

Let Them Eat Cake (2018)

I think Finders Keepers will always be one of my faves. I wanted so many pieces from the collection and the eclectic vintage vibes were very my style. The Claws Out Green Velvet Cropped Leggings were an office favourite. 

My favourite shoot has to be Let Them Eat Cake. Marie Antoinette is an icon and I can’t go past a pastel colour palette. Orrr…. Stardust Saloon, Dolly Parton is also my all-time style inspo. I live in the Daisy Chain Tie the Knot Dress. 

Fun Fact: JOMO was shot at my Grandma’s house! Her little doggy wanted to be in all the shots.

– Eden (Marketing)

Eden (and friends!) in Claws Out Green Velvet Cropped Leggings
Let Them Eat Cake, 2018
Meli in Star Wars Montage Leggings

Princesses And Villains (2014)

Years ago, when BlackMilk first launched their Star Wars line, my sisters gifted me a pair of Star Wars leggings and I was hooked! They were my first pair and I still own them (and they fit me perfectly!) From the moment I wore those Star Wars legs I was hooked, and I’ve bought roughly 150 pieces.

My usual favorite collections are everything Disney and everything that makes me feel like a princess!  

I honestly LOVE BlackMilk, the community is amazing, friendly and overall positive. I have made friendships that have lasted for  years. All happy Sharkies that I met through social media thanks to this amazing company! 

Meli (@meli_v_)

Princesses And Villains, 2014