12 Fun Facts About Unwrapped

12 Fun Facts About Unwrapped

We counted down through 12 days of Christmas festivities* in our Unwrapped lookbook. So, we thought we’d continue the countdown fun with 12 facts from behind the scenes of the collection – secret rooms, devilish reindeer, unusual accessories and more!

*Actually, there were 13 – did you find the sneaky hidden one?

1.We called this collection ‘Unwrapped’ for a few different reasons: as a bit of a callback to our 2014 Christmas collection Wrapped, as a reference to the ‘countdown’ element of the collection lookbook, and as a bit of a play on the fact that everything became a little bit unraveled in 2020…

2. We wanted our campaign pics to have a bit of a modern-day-meets-old-timey feel, so we shot them at Baedeker, a heritage-listed Brisbane wine bar that is named after a series of travel guides from the 1800s!

3. All the earrings from the campaign shoot are converted Christmas decorations. You know what we’re wearing this December.

4. There’s a little friend hiding in every campaign shot…

5. The bookcase that our model Beth is sitting in front of in this shot is actually a secret door into an underground meeting room.

6. This very festive headpiece is actually a ribbon designed to go on a new car. 

You know how we love our Comically Large Bows around here…

7. Our model Abeny had never cracked a Christmas cracker before. She was so excited when she looked inside to find a little paper clip prize!

8. The reindeer in this print are all dressed up in different ways – there’s one that’s a bit of a hipster, one with an emo hairdo, one with candy cane horns – oh, and one that may or may not be a devil in disguise.

9. In some parts of Europe, 5 December is ‘Krampusnacht’, the night when Krampus visits homes and either gives bad children a lump of coal OR completely torments them, depending on how extreme your particular version of Krampus is…

10. Although our specialty designer fabrics, like burned velvet and flocked fabric, aren’t actually created on site, we do create the designs that appear on them ourselves, so they are totally custom made and unique to BlackMilk!

11. We’ve previously released our iconic Sporty Stripes Hosiery in 8 different colours (plus knee high and active versions!) – and the new Festive Red and Forest Green versions make it a solid 10! (If anyone out there owns them in every colour, let us know!)

12. Every year at Halloween there is a fiercely contested costume and office decoration competition between different departments at BMHQ. A couple of years ago, we started a competition for Christmas as well!